Hi Maria,
I just thought that I'd email you a few more pictures of your lovely kitten.
She's settled in really well. She is so affectionate and never leaves my side. Wherever I go, she walks alongside by my ankles. She purrs constantly and is very playful and is eating and growing well.

We all adore her and she has bought lots of happiness to our house.
Thank you once again,

Maria, you did mention that Nestor’s dad, Boublik, plays with his kittens but Nestor has perfected kitten sitting to a fine art. He is an adorable, particularly loving boy, who loves all animals and people. Maria, some photos of Nestor playing with a baby ferret attached – the experience was unbelievable.

Nestor goes out with Rigas and sits, like a mother cat, watching over him. If Rigas attempts to get out of our garden Nestor runs and fetches him back. He stays with Rigas until we call him in, then goes out for a short walk on his own and returns to play with him again. The other day he took him for a walk (seriously) to show him the back gardens in the area. We watched the boys from the loft window – half an hour later Nestor brought Rigas back. Their vet, who has visited just to see (he could not believe it when Nestor got in the way to stop him handling Rigas) advised us to video the boys and put them on facebook.

On one occasion Nestor lost Rigas and got really distressed. He came running and crying, urgently calling us to look for the young one. Whatever I say I can’t describe his joy when we found Rigas (bless him, he is adorable, when we call him he calls back so he is easy to locate). He was jumping, kissing him, rubbing against Rigas and us, the works! Maria when you are coming up North please do call if you have time, you will be so proud of our Nestor!
Best wishes – and love from Nestor, Marina and George

Hi Maria
All is going well, Pushkin is gaining much more confidence and is hanging out with the family more and starting to explore the rest of the house.

He's really a lovely cat, very affectionate. And no signs of allergies...I think my husband is quite amazed! ...Pushkin has been going outside for the last two weeks and has been really enjoying it. He sleeps with our boys at night time and really seems to enjoy being cuddled by them!
Photo of Flynn and Pushkin watching TV together.
Thanks for checking in,

Hi Maria
Happy new year and I hope all is well!

I don't know if you remember, we bought 2 lovely kittens, Harry and Sasha, from you over a year ago. Both are doing really well and have grown into 2 adorable cats (I've attached a couple of photos).