Siberian Females


Name Karelia
Date of birth 01.05.2014
Colour Brown Classic Tabby

Karelia came from one of the best catteries in Russia. She has an exquisite pedigree of top winning cats and old Russian lines. Her gran's brother, International Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Mittelmeijer Roskospniy Kot Mur was the second Siberian to win Best Cat in the World (TICA 2012-2013). The very first Siberian who achieved same award in 2000-2001 was IW, SGC Treskuchiy Sibirskiy Moroz Mur. Karelia is in fact a direct descendant of Moroz Mur and I hope she will pass these qualities onto her kittens.
Stalker Onix Gloria Leopold Onix Gloria Neva’s legend Ignat
International Champion
O’Nezhka Onix Gloria
European Champion Iskushenie Onix Gloria Grand International Champion
Fan-Fan Onix Gloria
Marysya Onix Gloria
Mittelmeijer Matrona Qusturitsa Onix Gloria Ivan-Chai Onix Gloria
Dulsineya Onix Gloria
Mittelmeijer Ruslana Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion
Cooncreole Giovanni Gatto
Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion
Lady Laurina von Mittelmeijer



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