About The Siberian Breed

The Siberian is a medium to large, heavy built cat with a very dense semi-longhaired coat.

The breed originates in Russia and is thought to be a cross breed of domestic longhaired and wild forest cats. Matings between domestic and wild Amur cats (Prionailurus bengalensis euptilurus) are considered quite common in the Far-East region of Siberia where deep snow in the winter forces the Amur cat to seek refuge on the outskirts of villages.

The characteristic feature of the Siberian cat is its dense triple coat, with very thick undercoat, harsh guard hairs and protruding own hairs. The undercoat protects the cat from freezing winter temperatures and guard hairs along its body help rain run down. Thick paws with fluffy pads, tufts and lynx tips on the ears are only a few of the features from their wild background.

Siberian cats come in a wide range of colours and patterns, but traditional Tabbies with or without white are always favourites. Siberian coats' rarely knots due to its harsh texture and does not require as much grooming as other long haired breeds. Siberians have a wonderful nature and make ideal household pets. They are friendly and affectionate towards their owners, intelligent and not disruptive. They easily mix with other breeds of cats and dogs.

Despite on being heavy, Siberians are rather agile and will prove to be excellent hunters if they have access to outside.
TICA breed description www.tica.org

Hypoallergenic Siberian Cats

Unlike most cats, Siberians are thought to produce lower levels of Fel d1 (the protein created in cat’s skin, saliva and anal glands which accounts for the allergic reaction). According to the Siberian Research Inc http://siberianresearch.com/Allergies.html levels of Fel d1 in Siberians is genetic and is passed to their offspring. One must understand that Siberians are not completely Fel d1 free; therefore they can still provoke allergic reaction in some individuals. Hence cats should be handled in order to establish whether they cause any reaction.

Allergy testing

Due to the strict hygiene rules and to ensure that my cats and kittens are in perfect health, I am unable to offer allergy testing sessions. Two friends of mine, however, kindly offer allergy testing sessions and advice on my behalf. Both of them are allergic to cats but happily live with Siberians bred by me. Please contact them directly:

Angela in DIDCOT, Oxfordshire 07921991898
Neil in HITCHIN, Hertfordshire 07812441527