About us


MUSRAFY is a small hobby breeding cattery situated in a picturesque Chilterns village near Henley-on-Thames, South Oxfordshire. The cattery is registered with GCCF, TICA and Fife.

I breed for temperament, health and conformation and regularly participate at cat shows both in the UK and Europe to ensure that I breed cats of the correct type and a friendly temperament. Please visit my Hall of Fame to see some of the achievements.

I am of Russian origin and have been residing in the UK since 1997. I have always had an interest in animals and studied both Biology and Genetics. Having started with Birmans, I have been successfully breeding Siberians since 2003 and only recently rare Kurilian Bobtails. I breed from Russian lines only and regularly import new cats from the country of origin to add diversity to the gene pool. The advantage of my mother tongue and frequent trips to Russia enable me to select the best kittens for my breeding programme.

MUSRAFY cattery has been awarded THE OUTSTANDING CATTERY certificate by the International Cat Association and was rated EXCELLENT according to the Responsible Breeder Programme. My cats are annually tested for viruses and parasites and my premises inspected by a licensed veterinarian. All kittens are brought up with lots of love and affection resulting in friendly and outgoing temperaments.

Please visit my Blog musrafysiberiancats.blogspot.co.uk for the latest news and information.